Staff Team

This is the Sky-Fighter New Journey Staff Team. You can contact us through Facebook, Discord, Support and also in the game chat.

We will listen to you and aim to be not good but better. Everyone wants a smooth and enjoyable game. Together we will accomplish this, so remember: The Staff is your friend and partner!

- Heimdall, Community Manager -

Our Team

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Server Admin

Managing everything technical. Taking care of Infrastructure, Server, Website, Client and many more. If you have any technical Problem, he is mostly the one who can support you properly.

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Community Manager

Newcomer Heimdall is taking care of the community and users requests. Together with Banhammer in charge in decisions regarding content and balance.

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Super Game Admin

Old timer Banhammer is there to ensure a smooth server state. Listening to users and managing Events, Content, Balance together with Heimdall.

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Public Relation Manager

He also takes care of graphics and develops our story missions together with Heimdall and Bannhammer. If you have creative ideas he is the right person to talk to.

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Game Master

Ghost started in the early years of Sky-Fighter. Now he is back supporting you. Always active, trying to help whereever possible. A huge support for the whole team.

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Game Master

GM Beyond, an admin from earlier years of Sky-Fighter is back on the team to support you. As a mother of a bunch of rascals this should not be a problem to support you. She is always here for your problems.

Please read our Userrules carefully - with the usage of Sky-Fighter services you are accepting these.