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Experience strategic complex multimap fights with the new Conquest Core war!

Explore the wrack of G-ARK on the new XXL megamap with special challenges.

Fight in the Hidden Space Station and test your skills in the Trainings Hall.

Test the skill of your nation and gain control over Space Akron.

Are we awakening nostalgic feelings? :-)

Experience a new way to improve your equiptment.

Explore the possiblities of our new legendary upgrade system.


Our Systems Explained

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Conquest Core War

You will experience big fights on multiple maps the same time. An "Strategic Point"-Like Core which starts at a neutral Influence.
If killed, this Core will gain the Influence of the Winners nation.
The target is to control the majority of all Conquest Cores.
The nation with the most controlling Cores wins.

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Upgrade / Downgrade Enchanting

Unlike traditionally your Weapons and Armors cannot be destroyed when attempting to enchant.
When enchanting, 1 of 3 results may happen:
Failed: Reduce item by 1 enchant (E.g. from E10 back to E9).
Protected: Keep the current enchant (E.g. E10 remains E10).
Succeed: Increase item by 1 enchant (E.g. from E10 up to E11).

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Legendary Weapon Crafting

Upgrading your Legendary Weapon will result is similar results like enchanting:
Failed: The weapon will fall back to its previous version (E.g. from Nergal back to Dark).
Protected: The weapon will remain at its current version (E.g. Nergal remains Nergal).
Succeed: The weapon will improve to its next version (E.g. from Nergal up to Baal).

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3 Nation Cities

Unlock your favorite City by reaching a certain level and completing the related questline.
Use their strategic placement and shortcuts to reach important points faster than others.
Players can choose their preferred city where home portals and gates will lead to by default in the corresponding Nation Tower.
You will achieve access to new cities, their strategic position and shortcuts.
Check our Media pages for further infos!

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